Magdalene Circle of Christian Kabbalah

Acceptance, Compassion, and Enlightenment for All

Welcome to Magdalene Circle!


Magdalene Circle is a refuge for those who seek spirituality without judgment. It is for those who wish to explore their connectedness with God and the rest of creation.


The Sophian tradition represents a lineage of spiritual adepts and masters who have taught a secret gospel and Christian Kabbalah to their students, mouth to ear, from one generation to another. Today the initiates of the tradition have begun to openly share the teachings, believing an extension of truth and light essential in our times.


We use Christian, Jewish, and Gnostic scriptures as the foundation for our prayer and meditative practice.    Magdalene Circle was founded in 2002 by Bishop Yonah who has been studying with Tau Malachi (Author and Sophian Lineage Holder) since 2001.  In addition, Yonah holds a masters degree in theology and pastoral counseling.


We are open and accepting, welcoming all who want to come join us on our journey.


** The Magdalene song was written by Deacon Mark and performed by Nikki on her ukulele.



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